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Aerobics Classes

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Aerobics Classes

What happens inĀ an Aerobics Class?

Aerobics is a rhythmic exercise with stretching, and strength routines, aiming to improve flexibility, tone and all over cardiovascular fitness. The classes are energetic, with upbeat music incorporating dance moves into all the routines involved.

What will I gain from doing an Aerobics Class?

An Aerobics class will improve overall stamina, cardiovascular fitness and help tone your body. As stretching is incorporated, flexibility is improved too and being an energetic, fun class, it will reduce stress levels too giving you the all round physical, social and mental health benefit.

How often should I attend an Aerobics Class?

To gain the most out of an aerobics class, they should be attended twice a week in order to maintain fitness levels, and wear some loose fitting clothes which are easy to move in and trainers appropriate for an indoor fitness center.

What Aerobics Classes are Offered?

Peak offers the following Aerobics classes:

  • ABS: Working the trunk of the body, core stability and balance techniques to help improve and maintain healthy postural alignment and spinal stability, while sculpting the abdominals and waistline. (1 hour)
  • Step: Back to basics. Easy to follow choreography provides a great cardiovascular workout. Multi-level. Abs/Lower back included. (1 hour)
  • Step & Sculpt: Basic step moves followed by muscle toning with weights. (1 hour)
  • TBC Pace: Intervals of step and weights make this Total Body Conditioning class a challenge every time! (1 hour)
  • Variety Hour: A cross training class whose format changes weekly. Includes a variety of aerobic conditioning styles, weight training, and yoga flexibility moves. (1 hour)