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What happens in a Spinning Class?

Spinning is an indoor cycling class that is one of the ultimate calorie burners! The indoor Spinning class will help you get fit fast, taking your fitness to the next level. Stationary bikes situated in a designated studio provide a non-impact workout.

What will I gain fromĀ a Spinning Class?

Spinning not only tones your legs, but the calorie burn is better than on any other machine. A thirty-minute session can burn up to 500 calories, while improving cardiovascular fitness and strengthening your core muscles with the correct posture.

It is low impact therefore reducing the stress to your knees and feet, and allows you to work out with a resistance level to suit you. With upbeat music and motivational instructors to set the pace, spinning is a great way to get in shape.

How Often should I attendĀ Spinning Class?

Once a week may suffice, but to increase weight loss and overall fitness levels 2 or 3 gym classes a week will be fine and allows enough time for muscle recovery. Wear comfortable clothes including padded shorts.

How long is a typical Spinning Class?

Peak’s Spinning Class usually last 45-60 minutes.